2D Animation

A Media Marketing custom creates 2D animation videos that can feature the whiteboard style “hand drawing” technique. Viewers rave about the whiteboard style that draws out words, characters, scenes and props right in front of you. Our 2D animation videos feature in full color or in black and white color scale. We create audiovisual scripts for your animation and sync voice-overs to the animation. 2D animation videos can include a music bed for extra emphasis and feature your company logo and message.

Are you ready to benefit from a 2D animation video?

2D animation tackles one of the hardest challenges in the video world, keeping your audience's attention long enough to have them watch your entire video. 2D animation is one of the most unique and creative forms of innovative video content mixing in stories, characters, scenes and props that portray your message in an entertaining style that connects directly with your audience.

Is it time for you to debut as a 2D character?

Custom Character Creation is available for the most authentic look and feel if a character is representing you as a figure and possible speaker in the 2D video. Imagine walking your audience through scenes and scenarios that they connect with and engages them. You don’t have to worry about appearing on camera because your 2D character will represent you.

2D Voice-Overs

We work with our clients to have a professional voice-over artist guide your audience through your 2D video and story. If you’re featured as the main character and narrator in your 2D video, then we will obtain or help you create your own personal voice-over for your 2D character.

Are you looking for a shorter 2D Animation featuring a specific "Call to Action" to increase traffic and sales?

A Media Marketing specializes in creating custom 2D "Call to Action" videos that catch attention and increase business! These 2D ads are perfect for sharing on your website and social media, making them short, sweet and memorable. 2D CTA Ads can feature motion graphics with moving text and images, as well as custom characters and scenes. Take your CTA 2D Ads up another notch with the unique and attention-grabbing Whiteboard Animation Style.

2D CTA Ad samples:

Are you ready to knock out the competition with a 2D animation video?

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Take a look at some more of our dynamic 2D samples:


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