“The Future of the Internet is Video”

Wednesday, 21 November 2012 Written by  Social Ninja Published in Projects

When the CEO of Google makes that statement, you should to take notice!

With the rapid improvement in content creation, social media and delivery methods of bandwidth, this change is now upon us. YouTube is now the second largest search engine with more than 78 hours of video getting uploaded every minute. So what does this mean for your business? If you don’t have a professional video image on your site or YouTube channel you may not be found by the customers searching for your services!

There are three reasons to support any decision to incorporate video content into your marketing strategy. These top-preforming reasons are already creating significant change in overall reach and response for local businesses of all kinds.

Taking the Old and Making it New and Exciting

For many businesses, there are both initial and ongoing expenses to managing their primary websites and internet advertising. There are investments in design, search engine optimization and pay per click ads that attach “eyeballs” to a product or company service. Yet 90% of businesses have NO video content to enhance their expensive virtual storefronts, or to add to their email and other ad message delivery strategies. Simply adding several short-duration videos to the primary pages of a website increases search rankings, traffic and response rates dramatically. With “time on site” rates falling off, it is time for companies to address the need for video content.

Mobile Marketing is the New Broadcast Advertising

The use of smart phones worldwide has grown exponentially and local business marketing is now poised to reap the benefit of a new channel to disseminate its message without the massive expense of broadcast advertising. In reality the smart phone IS the new television, and phones and tablets have replaced all technologies that have come before them! Most people are within 3 feet from their phone at any given time. The most powerful and proven content for mobile internet is video. 91% of consumers who access information will watch video when it loads. 54% of that group will take action with 48 hours. Video content, coupled with a call to action, is a fresh new marketing tool to achieve consumer engagement.

Video is a Core Component for Search Engine Optimization and Rankings

Recent sweeping changes to the largest search engines combined with social media affect organic search engine results and rankings. Businesses trying to function in this environment without video content suffer as a result of this priority shift of internet search components. Proper management of website content still plays a major role, but video is no longer a luxury item. Video is now a core component critical to achieving the desired results and maintaining position in particular business categories and keyword search phases. A properly managed YouTube channel is now a top priority in the world of internet search rankings and optimization efforts.

As YouTube was vertically integrated into the Google algorithm, the changes in results and rankings became starkly evident for business websites maintaining a YouTube channel with multiple videos and those that did not. Businesses that do not address the importance of producing relevant content on their websites on a continual basis do so at their own peril.

In the time it took you to read this blog, a website without corresponding video content just lost a lap to the field and to competitive websites that already utilize video content properly.

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Article sources – BABM Magazine

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