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Mobile Website Conversion

With almost half of social media users accessing content through their phones, the world of social media marketing is changing.  Everything needs to be ready for the fast-paced on-the-go user, accessible at the touch of a fingertip.  As everything mobilizes, your social media marketing strategy needs to as well. Having a mobile marketing strategy is the key to your brand’s success, allowing you to engage with your audience 24/7. Static marketing is becoming irrelevant so without a user-friendly plan, your business may just slide right off the radar. If your site is not mobile friendly, it will be abandoned for your competitor. Mobile devices are only becoming more prevalent as the market in tablets, iPads, eBook Readers, Smartphones, and even the basic cell phone grows. Users check their devices for email, news, and social updates….don’t you want to be a presence on all of those?

Making Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Mobile Friendly


There are many ways to make your social media marketing strategy mobile friendly, from something as simple as marketing through SMS texts to allow access for even the most basic cell phone user, to more in-depth methods. One of the most important things to focus on for your brand in the mobile sphere is your website:

  • Any content on your site, including articles, blog posts, and especially your site’s search engine, should be flawlessly displayed and effortlessly accessed through a mobile device.
  • Include your search engine on every page at the top for easy navigation through your content. Your site should be able to detect mobile users and route them to a mobile-friendly version of the web page.
  • Creating an app for your company takes this one step further. This allows users to avoid going through their internet browser, and cut right to your content.  You can then use the app to filter the content you find more relevant to mobile users, specifically targeting this sect of the market through your app.
  • Implementing an effective online display campaign is an important part of your social media marketing strategy! You can improve upon brand engagement by optimizing your video and image campaigns on your website and social media channels!

Being able to share content through a mobile device is essential for bringing your brand into the age of technology. Any content should be able to be easily shared through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. so there should be buttons available for all pages accessed through the mobile device, and included in your app as well. Over 50% Twitter users access it via mobile devices , and more than 25% of Facebook posts are made using mobile devices as well. You should also have a company profile on each of these social media outlets, that can be accessed through your site, app, etc. You want to cast as wide a net as possible to increase your audience outreach and visibility, weaving a web that leads back to your brand in as many ways as possible.


A Media Marketing can help your business get Mobile Friendly. Give us a call at 813.933.2788 today for a free consultation.




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