Alexandra Gamache

Alexandra Gamache

Wednesday, 27 April 2016 Published in Projects


A Media Marketing celebrates the Two Year Anniversary for our Digital Media Specialist, Alexandra Gamache!

This Digital Media Ninja continues to quickly advance and master the wonderful world of video production and 2D animation.

"I continue to learn so much under the mentorship of the experienced filmmaker and Telly Award Winner, Victoria Jorgensen. I love our video production experiences that we share throughout the beaufitul Tampa Bay area." - Alex

Recently, Victoria and Alex worked with the Tampa Bay Arts & Education Channel to video shoot their Filmmakers Spotlight Series (coming soon) for the 2016 Gasparilla Film Festival!

She is also expanding her social media skills under the senseiship of our Social Media Ninja, Leslie Laney. Alex currently specializes in: video, 2D, scriptwriting, project management, reporting, analytics, social media creation and management, website updates and blogging for many of happy our clients.

See her bio for more details.

Are you ready to knock out the competition with video or 2D animation?

Call us today at 813-933-2788!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016 Published in Projects


Do you actively publish content on Facebook or are thinking about it?

Facebook recently released a new publishing tool called Facebook Instant Articles on April 12th, 2016.

Here’s the how to guide on Facebook Instant Articles and tips on how to make impressions in the Facebook Newsfeed.

Step 1: Begin by Signing Up for Facebook Instant Articles and select your page from the available list of pages that you access. After you select the page that you want to submit for Facebook Instant Articles, make sure to checkmark the box below to agree to the Instant Articles Terms. Then click the “Enable Instant Articles” button. At this time if you haven’t already, we highly recommend that you read over the Documentation Facebook Links to learn more before accessing the Instant Article tools.

Step 2: Now that Instant Articles are enabled, you can begin to check out the Instant Articles configuration options. You can now access the Instant Articles menu option in your Facebook setting’s sidebar on the left side. Select the Instant Articles menu option for the Quick Start Guide to begin the initial setup for your Instant Articles. Scroll down and you’ll have access to the content submission and review tools for your Facebook Instant Articles.

Step 3: The option to claim your URL is available during the first step for setting up Instant Articles. If you have any questions or want to learn more details read Claiming Your URL. After you’ve decided which URL you’re going to claim, enter the provided code and add the URL into your tools. Look for a confirmation message after this step is complete, you now have the ability to add URLs when necessary.

Step 4: It’s time to configure your RSS feed. It will give you the option to use your production feed (the main RSS feed) or developmental RSS feed. What are the differences? Find out here. 

Step 5: There is an available plugin for self-hosted WordPress users that optimizes your content and RSS feed for Facebook Instant Articles. Use the self-hosted WordPress and Facebook plugin or PageFrog plugin that features optimization for Google AMP. Hosted platform users who are blogging on Medium, Tumblr and will have to wait for the platforms to optimize for Facebook’s new Instant Articles.

Step 6: Continue to follow the Instant Articles steps to configure and monetize your settings. Explore the Instant Article steps and dive into the options:

  • Brand your article styles
  • Set up email alerts
  • Double check for errors with publishing tools
  • Preview your articles on the Facebook Pages App
  • Submit articles (you must submit 10 articles for your first submission) for review and more!

A Media Marketing will continue to keep you in the loop about Facebook Instant Articles news and updates!

Are you looking for a custom presentation for your next event or one-on-one social media training?

Call 813-933-2788 today to discuss social media and marketing options that suit your needs and improve your business.


Wednesday, 24 February 2016 Published in Projects


Have you heard of the expressions, “dress to impress?” or “looking good is feeling good?”

Similar mantras apply to what you wear when you’re on camera! The viewers’ personal insight, decisions and opinions, are all affected positively or negatively by what the subject is wearing and how they are presenting themselves.

For instance, if a subject is presentable, professional, courteous and well spoken, then viewers will have an easier time trusting that person’s credibility and believing what they say.

Take extra time when you’re deciding what to wear before you’re on camera and take advantage of these helpful tips! Wear something that compliments you, represents your business and makes you feel good. Make sure to take your audience and the camera into account when you’re making your wardrobe decisions.

Camera Wardrobe Tips For Women:

If you’ve decided to wear a dress or skirt, double check the length when you sit down and make sure it’s camera appropriate. Interviews are shot either sitting or standing, depending on the subject and location, so it’s better to be prepared and comfortable. Be careful and avoid anything that is too revealing or low cut so the viewers are not distracted or receiving the wrong message.

Try out your desired wardrobe in front of a mirror at home, practice sitting and standing to make sure you’re comfortable and are happy with your choices. Remember, videos are timeless in the sense that they can be viewed for years to come. Don’t wear anything that is too “seasonal” or “distracting.” Select a wardrobe that reflects your personality and business – something classic and memorable.

Camera Wardrobe Tips For Men:

You’re decisions might involve deciding between a nice suit, blazer or dress shirt with business slacks. Select an outfit that represents you, your confidence and business. Wear well-fitted clothes (not loose) for a better appearance. If you decide to wear a suit, make sure it compliments you and is comfortable while standing or sitting – practice in front of a mirror first! 

Having trouble making up your mind? Try out a couple different outfits and see which one you want to represent your business all year long. Videos don’t change with the seasons, so make sure to avoid any sweaters or scarfs. Wear something that is traditional yet definitive and make an impression that will last.

Do Not Wear These Colors Or Patterns!

White – you don’t want to glow or look washed out!

Black – can have a harsh effect on a subject’s face or cause the background to blend with the subject.

Green – in case your shoot is in front of a green screen – you don’t want to disappear! Also avoid anything with stripes, pinstripes, plaid, polka dots or busy patterns when dealing with green screen video shoots.

Don’t distract your audience with small patterns, designs and stripes that can also confuse the camera!

Colors & Patterns To Wear!

Your clothing’s color and pattern choice will depend on your preference! Try to choose colors that compliment your skin tone and business. Solid colors and simple patterns work best on camera. We recommend colors that include: natural tones, beige, tan, blue, purple, grey, darker red like maroon or burgundy, even pastels are an option.

Final Tips On What To Wear!

Remember to choose an outfit that is breathable and lightweight. Prepare your wardrobe for professional studio lights and keep yourself comfortable. If you wear jewelry, choose pieces that are simple and quiet, and do not distract or interfere with your video. If you wear make-up, prep yourself before the shoot and bring your make-up with you for some quick touch-ups before you’re on camera.

Stay conservative and confident while you’re on camera and represent your business through your professional appearance. If you wear glasses, try to wear contact lenses or a glare proof lens if possible to avoid reflections. Don’t forget to iron out any wrinkles in your clothes and bring a lint brush just in case!

We hope that these tips help you decide what to wear when you’re on camera!

Please call our friendly staff at 813-933-2788, to discuss video options that suit your budget and compliment your business!


Thursday, 28 January 2016 Published in Projects

AMM Celebrating 47 Years Anniversary atulvermabhai

Did you know that A Media Marketing started in 1969 as A Business Forms & Pegboard Systems, Inc. a printing business helmed Victoria Jorgensen’s father, Victor? For over 47 years, A Media Marketing continues to evolve and stay ahead of trends with our complete in-house digital marketing team. Victoria and the team would like to personally thank each and every one of you for your patronage over the last 47 years!

Here are some fun “blasts from the past” to really show how things have changed since 1969!

Innovative Technology from 1969 - 2016
1969  2016
Arpanet 1st Internet               Robotic Animals
Artificial Heart Wearable Health Care Devices      
ATM Smart Phones & Watches
Bar-Code Scanner 'Hoverboard' Scooter
Lunar Module Driverless Cars
Electromagnetic Lock Virtual-Reality Headsets
Laser Printer Underground Park  


Fun Comparisons from 1969 - 2016
  1969                    2016                    
President Richard Nixon Barak Obama
Gallon of Gasoline $0.32 $2.03
Loaf of Bread $0.23 $2.31
Gallon of Milk $1.10 $3.58
Dozen Eggs $0.62 $2.71
New Car $2,000 $20,000
Minimum Wage $1.60/hour             $7.25 - $15/hour    
Population in the USA      202,677,000 322,762,018

It’s amazing to see how much technology has changed over the past 47 years! In 2016, we are connected by a constant stream of information online. We also have an increasing selection innovative technology that can think for us! What will they think of next?

Regardless of the time and changes, A Media Marketing continues to provide personally guided marketing strategies and solutions for experienced business owners. We can help alleviate your stress, expand your audience and improve your business’s marketing tools, allowing you to focus on what you do best!

A Media Marketing’s deluxe in-­house digital marketing team specializes in: marketing plans, videos, social media, websites, 2D animations, print and promotional services! We take a hand-­held approach with our clients and always take the time to stay true to their vision.

Questions? Check out our wide selection of marketing services online at or call us at 813-­933-­2788!

Monday, 28 September 2015 Published in Projects


Are you looking for a better way to connect with your future and existing clients?

Here’s a new way to get your foot in the door before you ever step into the office. We specialize in creating custom “Meet The Team” Personal Introduction Videos that introduce you to your audience, feature key information about your services and include a call to action for your business. Click on the image above to watch the Personal Introduction Video that we created for Benefit Title Services, LLC featuring their Relationship Manager, Roberta Banks.

Want more information on Personal Introduction Videos?

The Personal Introduction Videos are available individually, or in cost effective 3 packs and 5 packs. The videos can range from 1 to 2 minutes in length depending on script. We can schedule your “Meet The Team” video recording at the A Media Marketing Studio, for one or two days in our professional studio setting including a backdrop, lights and HD camera. We will also work with your team to perfect their personal introduction scripts prior your shooting date.

Call us at 813-933-2788 to learn more and schedule your “Meet The Team” Personal Introduction Videos.

Monday, 28 September 2015 Published in Projects


Fall is a time of year when many farmers and gardeners plan for their next crops. Selecting appropriate seeds, cultivating their land and providing fertilization is an important part of the process. The very same principles for a flourishing harvest can be applied to your companies marketing strategy.

A Media Marketing personally guides you through the process. Our team identifies the best forms of media to reach your customer, shows you how to cultivate the relationship through valuable content and provide consistency in your approach for overall growth.

Check out what our Social Media Expert, Leslie Laney (L.L.), has to say in regards to applying this process to your business. 

“How is it possible to compare growing a crop to marketing plans?” – Alexandra Gamache (A.G.)

“I know it sounds strange, but the process is eerily similar. You can’t have a successful harvest without planning. You have to know the right seeds to plant at the right time of year, how much water and fertilizer you need, how much time you have to spend tending to different crops. That is exactly what you have to do for marketing. Knowing what channels to invest your time and energy, knowing what it takes to convert your target audience to customers, cultivating that relationship with content. Those are all very important things in today’s marketing approach.” - L.L.

“Is this same process true for social media specifically?” – A.G.

“Yes, social media is not a magic seed that is going to drive people to your door overnight. Out of all the marketing tools out there today, it is probably the one that takes the longest to nurture. It has to be genuine. It has to grow naturally and organically to be effective. Sure there are things you can do to speed up that process, however if you try to use social media as an instant sales tool, you are not going to be happy with your results. Use it for what it was intended, to communicate with your audience and strengthen relationships with your customers.” - L.L.

“What would you suggest the first step be for a business owner who might not be sure how social media, video or a strong online presence could impact their business?” – A.G.

“Well the obvious answer is to call us ☺ , but seriously, I have been training business owners and their teams for over 4 years now on the topic of social media. In my experience, fear has played a big role in the resistance of moving their marketing in that direction. Not understanding results, not understanding the right way it should be used. One of my greatest joys as a trainer is to remove that fear. Teaching someone how powerful of a tool this really is and how it can impact their business in a positive way. So my suggestion for a first step would be to educate yourself. Learn, understand and invest a little effort in this area so you can make informed decisions about the direction of your marketing efforts!” - L.L.

What’s the process for solving your marketing problems?
Learn how your business can significantly benefit from our social media, marketing plan, website, video, 2D or print services.

Kick Off Fall with a new marketing strategy! Click here to schedule your FREE consultation today or call 813-933-2788.

Check out our brand new interview series about the future of Tampa Bay at

Thursday, 13 August 2015 Published in Projects


TAMPA BAY – Alexandra Gamache interviewed the President of A Media Marketing, Victoria Jorgensen, about why she chose to create the Tampa Bay Transformers series.

“Why did you create the Tampa Bay Transformers (TBT) series?” - Alexandra Gamache (A.G.)

“I love where I live, I want to share all the positive changes locally and globally. Tampa Bay Transformers symbolizes an instrument of change and progress. TBT’s may also be perceived as, movers and shakers or innovators.” – Victoria Jorgensen (V.J.)

“Can you expand on TBT's 20/20 view of 2020?” - A.G.

“Tampa Bay is changing rapidly, physically, culturally, visually and financially. These peeks come straight from the mouths of those making the change, helping people plan for the future and making good decisions about where to work and play.” - V.J.

“Innovators become Tampa Bay Transformers by showing leadership, taking bold steps and changing the fabric of Tampa Bay. There will be several phases of Tampa Bay Transformers, as well as a series on TBT’s.” - V.J.

“What is most gratifying to you about this project?” - A.G.

“I get to watch some of the most talented leaders morph Tampa Bay into a respected city, a great place to live, work and play. I think positivity spawns positive action and I want to be a part of it.” - V.J.

Visit to enjoy the first four interviews and learn the latest about the future of Tampa Bay!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015 Published in Projects


Attention creatives and marketers that manage various Google+ accounts and YouTube channels!

The Google Channel Transfer Tool is your new best friend! Google released the Channel Transfer Tool that helps users match a YouTube channel with a different Google+ account. The integration of Google+ and YouTube was designed to help users control both of these accounts and their interactive communities.

Is your YouTube Channel connected to the wrong Google+ Business Page or Profile?
The owner of the YouTube channel has the permission for this process.

Take these Ninja Steps:

1. Login to the YouTube channel that you would like to connect to a new Google+.
2. Select your YouTube icon in the top right corner. Then select the gear symbol located in the top right-hand corner for ‘YouTube Settings.’
3. This will bring you to the Overview Page with your account information. Select ‘Advanced’ next to your Name and logo.
4. On the Advanced page select ‘Move channel to different Google+ Profile or Page’. YouTube will require you to re-enter your account password.
5. ‘Select Desired Page or Profile’ to see the list of available Google+ account options. YouTube only allows users to move channels to Google+ accounts that you own. For example, if the Google+ account is connected to a different email address then it will not appear in your list of available Google+ account options. 
6. Select the ‘New Google+ Account’ to connect to your YouTube channel and select ‘Move Channel’. 
7. This process will move over your YouTube account’s videos, playlist settings, subscriber base, subscriptions and Channel username.


Are there any items that will not transfer over? 
Comments and messages that originate from Google+ will stay with the original profile or page. Any private messages or comments posted after November 2013, and custom URL and channel icon created after November 2014.

How do I get a custom YouTube Channel?
Let A Media Marketing help you out! We can help you claim you space, brand your channel and properly keyword your video for improved SEO! Call us today to find out all of your options 813.933.2788. 

Let the transferring begin!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 Published in Projects


A Media Marketing creates custom 12 month marketing plans and implementation schedules that increase overall engagement and provides new leads for your business. We identified four pillars that have powerful results. Unity = power when these pillars are combined in our marketing plans: Social, Video, Web and Creative.

Our marketing formula is rigorous. We increase the number of suspect impressions, turn those suspects into prospects and convert the prospects into new customers. We customize and define your target audience with a clear and strategic path to success.

What do our Strategic Marketing Plans include? They identify various techniques to increase brand awareness, engagement and organic SEO. We understand most businesses cannot afford to market to everyone, so our marketing plans craft a tactical path to reach your maximum audience with the most cost effective methods. Call us to discuss your marketing plan today! 813.933.2788

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 Published in Projects


A Media Marketing is a local woman owned business that proudly serves the Tampa Bay community since 1969. AMM specializes in a full array of marketing services from: video production, social media management and training, 2D animation, web design, creative collateral and advertising specialty campaigns. For the last 5 years, our Director of Marketing & Social Media, Leslie Laney, has trained small to mid-size businesses to harness the power of social media and to integrate that power into their existing marketing plans.

AMM is making its impression on Tampa Bay! Over the past few weeks, Leslie has improved the way people perceive and utilize social media for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. She continues to clarify and break down the different realms of social media for businesses to reach their targeted audience. Once you understand how to use social media correctly, you can begin to maximize your time and hone in on your message.

Leslie was happy to accept the invitation to speak at the Learning Forum: Social Media in Training event last Thursday. The Association for Talent Development’s (ATD) local Suncoast Florida Chapter sponsored the Learning Forum at the Centre Club. She was one of three experts at this round-table and panel discussion, on how to maximize your use of social media tools for marketing and recruitment. Leslie answered many inquisitive questions about the differences between the social media channels, how to tackle challenges and ways to engage the right audience for recruitment. The audience at the Learning Forum was very engaged during their discussion. We look forward to future presentations with ATD. a group of business owners.

Recently, Leslie also trained a group of business owners at our community partner, the Mark Sharpe Entrepreneur Collaborative Center (ECC), and is about to return to the Oxford Exchange for her monthly social media trainings. If you need a social media presenter for your next event or social media strategy training, give us a call today! 813-933-2788 Or learn more today!

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