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How to Be Smart and Not Waste Money on the Wrong Giveaway

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Choosing the Right Promotional Item

Don’t invest in another tchotchke that people throw away! Know what your audience likes and make sure they know you’re the “cool place” that gave it to them. Think outside of the box so that you become unique and are remembered by the right audience. Yes, getting a large quantity for your budget is appealing, but what good is it if everyone throws it away? Spend a few extra pennies and transform your impression into something people actually want, and want to talk about!

Be the Solution

Promotional items don’t have to be cheap, small or even free. One of my favorite promotional items came from a hotel in NYC. It was raining outside and there were umbrellas for sale in every storefront, but I didn’t want to get drenched so I was stuck in the hotel. Then, as if choir of angels appeared, I noticed that the desk agent offered imprinted umbrellas for $5 for a travel umbrella or $7 for a fancier wood-handled one. I joined a long line of others and readily shelled $7 and four years later, I still have it, and every time I’m on the street with it someone sees the hotel name. Did the hotel lose money per item? Possibly, but they could write it off as a marketing expense, and years later, I still remember where I stayed and what a lifesaver they were, and here I am talking about it.

Own a certain time of year

Everyone clamors for the last end-of-year sale, so be the company who breaks up the monotony of summer or owns “back to school” time. What can you distribute that makes life easier in the summer time? Sunshades, steering wheel covers, and ponchos come to mind. Here in Florida there are imprinted items that people love – hats, towels, smartphone stands, sunglasses, and drawstring bags are always usable. Want to have a temporary impact but make a difference? Give out SPF sticks, sunscreen, and collapsible, reusable water bottles.

Be Green

Make an effort to go green in your promotional items. Water is a hot commodity at the beach, but when was the last time you kept one because of the branded label? You can market that your items are earth-friendly and that gives another positive impression for your company. Do you have a lot of marketing where you can associate yourself with positive outcomes? It may seem small, but it matters if you take the opportunity to market your promotional item correctly.

Use the Promotional Item as Content

Attending an event? Post pictures of your promotional item on your page and the event page. Having a store drawing? Make a video highlighting the giveaway. Your promotional items can be the driving force of why people hunt you out, but you have to promote your promotional items. Also, encourage users to post about the promotional items they receive from you. User-generated content is social media gold, and even if it’s a barber shop sticker on a truck, it can be how thousands hear about you through passive efforts. Getting these free marketing moments is how company’s build their base and grow their loyalty.


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