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Wednesday, 14 January 2015 Written by Published in Projects

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Did you know? Major brands are having very successful User Generated Content (UGC) Campaigns to spread brand awareness and to increase audience engagement. UGC is turning into a viral wave for audiences and fans to show their support for their favorite brand or event with photos and videos.

Here are two of the largest jaw-dropping and successful UGC Campaigns for some creative inspiration:
Bud Light Whatever USA
Sephora Beauty Board

UGC is a significant piece to the future of social media and marketing. Before you dive in to creating your own UGC campaign, there are some security precautions you need to take.

Why? Your dealing with copyright, trademark, privacy, defamation, and questionable content – it’s best to safeguard your business to prevent lawsuits and possible fines.

Security Tips for UGC Campaigns:

Read the Fine Print!
Every social media platform and website has it’s own unique set of legal terms and conditions. You should read these terms and conditions first. Then continue to monitor these channels for updates and changes in their legal terms. Use each platform correctly and address the UGC security at all times.

Inform the Team
Craft a policy for your business that addresses these legal conditions and protects your company. Keep the unique differences in the social media terms in mind throughout UGC creation and campaigns.

Users Point of View
Think about what each user expects out of the specific platform: whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Successful UGC campaigns come from happy and interactive audiences who want to show their support.

There are 2 consent forms with respect with social media:

Implicit Consent - This is where it is clearly identified with a specific hashtag created for your business and has clear content details for example: by using this hashtag we have your consent to use this content. People who share a photo or video with this hashtag are giving their consent for it to be used.

Explicit Consent – Is where the brand directly requested and acquired consent to use the photos and videos before distributing/sharing them online. **This is an even safer option.** We highly recommend receiving everyone's photo and video consent in writing or electronically and keeping them in a secure location. This is the safest form of consent and will protect you on all platforms. It is recommended to give name credits to those in the photos and videos too, but you don't always have to.

Have any more questions about social media? Sign up for our Social Media Training with our expert Leslie Laney!


Training the Lions

Monday, 15 December 2014 Written by Published in Projects



A Media Marketing spoke at the 2014 St. Leo University Directors Conference on November 19. The presentation was attended by Directors and Assistant Directors from the 17 locations around the country. Leslie Laney, A Media Marketing’s Social Media Director, spoke to the group on current and future trends for social media use among Universities and other top businesses. Topics included how to effectively use the top 5 platforms for social media marketing, the right type of content for each platform, how to build an engaging ad campaign to grow the right audience and what to look forward to in 2015 around the emergence of “micro-content”.

The feedback was amazing! Everyone was very engaged and participated in the text message surveys and tweeted in their questions using a special Hashtag for the event.

A Media Marketing is available for speaking engagements and onsite social media trainings for your company. Please contact Leslie Laney at 813.933.2788 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for booking information.

How to Hashtag Effectively!

Monday, 24 November 2014 Written by Published in Projects



What are Hashtags and why are they so important in social media? Learn the basic knowledge of hashtags and how you can use them today!

Hashtags are a wonderful method for people to communicate using “#” before keywords or phrases that others search for.  Everyday hashtags are used to search, research and find relevant information. Since hashtags started in 2007, they are now a core piece of communicating with social media and online. The fastest way to understand hashtags is to create a twitter account where you can explore and learn.

Dive into Twitter! Start researching different hashtags and monitor how others use them by simply adding a “#” in front of your searchable keyword, number or phrase. Explore the waves of conversation between people sharing tweets, photos and videos revolving around these “hashtags.” Join in on active discussions with hashtags that interest you!

Once you begin to understand hashtags, take a step back and choose your hashtags wisely. Research any hashtag before you use it and double check that there aren’t any negative or bad posts related to this hashtag. The worst mistake people make with hashtags is not checking how they were used previously, which can significantly damage your reputation.

Did you know? People and businesses create new hashtags everyday to promote their services and communicate with the masses. If you decide to create a hashtag, keep it simple and check to see if it has been used before.

Hashtag Examples: #TampaBay #LoveFL #Thanksgiving #BlackFriday2014 #Thanksgivingcountdown

Trending hashtags become popular, are widely used and recognized. The trending hashtags vary by user depending on topic, location and social media connections. Do a quick search to find out the top trending hashtags for that year, or just check Twitter. Numerous advertising companies piggyback on trending hashtags to spread brand awareness and to increase target audiences.

Are you ready? Explore the realm of hashtags with the following networks:
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, YouTube, Kickstarter and Vine!

We have touched the tip of the hashtag iceberg with these helpful basics! Are you looking for more social media education? Visit for excellent social media training by our expert Leslie Laney. Call us today 813-933-2788!


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