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A Media Marketing spoke at the 2014 St. Leo University Directors Conference on November 19. The presentation was attended by Directors and Assistant Directors from the 17 locations around the country. Leslie Laney, A Media Marketing’s Social Media Director, spoke to the group on current and future trends for social media use among Universities and other top businesses. Topics included how to effectively use the top 5 platforms for social media marketing, the right type of content for each platform, how to build an engaging ad campaign to grow the right audience and what to look forward to in 2015 around the emergence of “micro-content”.

The feedback was amazing! Everyone was very engaged and participated in the text message surveys and tweeted in their questions using a special Hashtag for the event.

A Media Marketing is available for speaking engagements and onsite social media trainings for your company. Please contact Leslie Laney at 813.933.2788 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for booking information.

How to Hashtag Effectively!

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What are Hashtags and why are they so important in social media? Learn the basic knowledge of hashtags and how you can use them today!

Hashtags are a wonderful method for people to communicate using “#” before keywords or phrases that others search for.  Everyday hashtags are used to search, research and find relevant information. Since hashtags started in 2007, they are now a core piece of communicating with social media and online. The fastest way to understand hashtags is to create a twitter account where you can explore and learn.

Dive into Twitter! Start researching different hashtags and monitor how others use them by simply adding a “#” in front of your searchable keyword, number or phrase. Explore the waves of conversation between people sharing tweets, photos and videos revolving around these “hashtags.” Join in on active discussions with hashtags that interest you!

Once you begin to understand hashtags, take a step back and choose your hashtags wisely. Research any hashtag before you use it and double check that there aren’t any negative or bad posts related to this hashtag. The worst mistake people make with hashtags is not checking how they were used previously, which can significantly damage your reputation.

Did you know? People and businesses create new hashtags everyday to promote their services and communicate with the masses. If you decide to create a hashtag, keep it simple and check to see if it has been used before.

Hashtag Examples: #TampaBay #LoveFL #Thanksgiving #BlackFriday2014 #Thanksgivingcountdown

Trending hashtags become popular, are widely used and recognized. The trending hashtags vary by user depending on topic, location and social media connections. Do a quick search to find out the top trending hashtags for that year, or just check Twitter. Numerous advertising companies piggyback on trending hashtags to spread brand awareness and to increase target audiences.

Are you ready? Explore the realm of hashtags with the following networks:
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, YouTube, Kickstarter and Vine!

We have touched the tip of the hashtag iceberg with these helpful basics! Are you looking for more social media education? Visit for excellent social media training by our expert Leslie Laney. Call us today 813-933-2788!


New Tactics! Prepare for the end of Like-Gating!

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The world of social media continues to evolve as Facebook reveals they are banning “Like-Gating” this November. What does this mean for social media marketing and strategy builders like us? As always, we adapt and take the alternative routes to successfully market with social media.

A Media Marketing provides you with expert tactics to improve your social media and combat the end of Facebook’s “like-gating.”

No matter what, continue to create the most original and best content possible to increase your organic reach. The majority of social media users spend their time sifting through news feeds and clicking on the ads that catch their eye. Amp up your social media strategy and purchase some of Facebook’s Paid Advertising.

Facebook Ads are affordable and customizable for all business sizes. There are various options while creating your Facebook Ad, whether your looking to drive traffic back to your website or to promote an event or video. Facebook Ads have the potential to reach way more people than you ever imagined. Use your Facebook Ads to deliver unique and engaging messages that catches attention and promotes action.

Facebook Ads creates opportunity for businesses to collect email addresses or subscriptions for customers and potential new leads. Requiring an email address increases your future possibilities for prospects and builds a client database. Consider promoting special offers and content specific to your current and potential customer base.

According to The Verge, 30% of Facebook users only use Facebook on their phone. This highlights the importance of multiplatform coverage for your social media channels. Each mobile ready social media platform unlocks the key to another audience. When cross channel social media strategy is used correctly you have the potential for maximum reach.

If your business has a website, then you need to seriously consider making it mobile ready. Your business is losing tons of potential customers because they can’t easily access and maneuver through your website on their mobile devices.

Form-Gating your deluxe content. As an alternative to “like-gating,” you can require Facebook users to fill out forms before they participate in a contest, gain entry, or watch your featured video. This is an excellent substitute because you’re receiving valuable customer information for future prospects. The easier your form is to fill out the higher the chance it will be. No one wants to feel like your prodding and then back out all together. Asking for an email and zip code are simple requests that retail stores asks regularly. You can even take it one step further and try to ask for a name and phone number.

Future Facebook Contests will require user-generated content designated to the theme of your choice. This increases brand awareness when users submit their entries like a photo, video or text. User generated content has a higher potential for sharing on their own network, increasing your overall brand exposure.

Adapt to the elimination of “like-gating” with Facebook Ads. Take advantage of the new changes and begin to create a database for your customers. People will continue to support the businesses they love.

A Media Marketing is here to help you. We offer Social Media Training for eligible Online Warriors. Social Media is a method of communication. Learn how to use social media correctly and reach your ideal audience. The social media world is always changing. This change pushes the social media market into a positive direction, if you make the right adaptions.

Unlock the keys to social media with training from our expert Leslie Laney.

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