How To Cultivate Customer Relationships

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Fall is a time of year when many farmers and gardeners plan for their next crops. Selecting appropriate seeds, cultivating their land and providing fertilization is an important part of the process. The very same principles for a flourishing harvest can be applied to your companies marketing strategy.

A Media Marketing personally guides you through the process. Our team identifies the best forms of media to reach your customer, shows you how to cultivate the relationship through valuable content and provide consistency in your approach for overall growth.

Check out what our Social Media Expert, Leslie Laney (L.L.), has to say in regards to applying this process to your business. 

“How is it possible to compare growing a crop to marketing plans?” – Alexandra Gamache (A.G.)

“I know it sounds strange, but the process is eerily similar. You can’t have a successful harvest without planning. You have to know the right seeds to plant at the right time of year, how much water and fertilizer you need, how much time you have to spend tending to different crops. That is exactly what you have to do for marketing. Knowing what channels to invest your time and energy, knowing what it takes to convert your target audience to customers, cultivating that relationship with content. Those are all very important things in today’s marketing approach.” - L.L.

“Is this same process true for social media specifically?” – A.G.

“Yes, social media is not a magic seed that is going to drive people to your door overnight. Out of all the marketing tools out there today, it is probably the one that takes the longest to nurture. It has to be genuine. It has to grow naturally and organically to be effective. Sure there are things you can do to speed up that process, however if you try to use social media as an instant sales tool, you are not going to be happy with your results. Use it for what it was intended, to communicate with your audience and strengthen relationships with your customers.” - L.L.

“What would you suggest the first step be for a business owner who might not be sure how social media, video or a strong online presence could impact their business?” – A.G.

“Well the obvious answer is to call us ☺ , but seriously, I have been training business owners and their teams for over 4 years now on the topic of social media. In my experience, fear has played a big role in the resistance of moving their marketing in that direction. Not understanding results, not understanding the right way it should be used. One of my greatest joys as a trainer is to remove that fear. Teaching someone how powerful of a tool this really is and how it can impact their business in a positive way. So my suggestion for a first step would be to educate yourself. Learn, understand and invest a little effort in this area so you can make informed decisions about the direction of your marketing efforts!” - L.L.

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Instagram Announces Ad Space for Marketers

Monday, 17 August 2015 Written by Published in Projects

Major changes are in store for Instagram as the photo-sharing app opens its newsfeed to sponsored advertisements. Earlier this month, Instagram and its third-party partners announced a mutual release of the advertising API, or application programming interface, and their involvement.

Acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has now transformed into a notable competitor in the mobile advertising industry. Powerhouse rivals include Google and Twitter. Like its dominant counterparts, Instagram will now allow businesses to purchase ad space and design an effective marketing strategy with automated posts.

With this acclivous move, advertisers can now schedule out Instagram campaigns, cross-promote on other platforms and monitor engagement. They will also be able to utilize Facebook’s ad-targeting tools in Instagram ads. Instagram has previously released a “Shop Now” button and the ability for advertisers to link outside of the app, as well as the capability to include several images in a single post.

A representative for Instagram said, “The Instagram Ads API will help us make ads more relevant to the community, serve more diverse business objectives, and make buying on the platform easier for advertisers.”

This is not the end of development and growth for Instagram. The app’s developers plan to continue building upon the new API. Market analysts expect Instagram to bring in $595 million this year, and surpass Google and Twitter in ad revenue by 2017. Bank of America Merrill Lynch researchers predict Instagram to make $1 billion in 2017, and escalate to nearly $4 billion by 2020.

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