Instagram Announces Ad Space for Marketers

Monday, 17 August 2015 Written by Published in Projects

Major changes are in store for Instagram as the photo-sharing app opens its newsfeed to sponsored advertisements. Earlier this month, Instagram and its third-party partners announced a mutual release of the advertising API, or application programming interface, and their involvement.

Acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has now transformed into a notable competitor in the mobile advertising industry. Powerhouse rivals include Google and Twitter. Like its dominant counterparts, Instagram will now allow businesses to purchase ad space and design an effective marketing strategy with automated posts.

With this acclivous move, advertisers can now schedule out Instagram campaigns, cross-promote on other platforms and monitor engagement. They will also be able to utilize Facebook’s ad-targeting tools in Instagram ads. Instagram has previously released a “Shop Now” button and the ability for advertisers to link outside of the app, as well as the capability to include several images in a single post.

A representative for Instagram said, “The Instagram Ads API will help us make ads more relevant to the community, serve more diverse business objectives, and make buying on the platform easier for advertisers.”

This is not the end of development and growth for Instagram. The app’s developers plan to continue building upon the new API. Market analysts expect Instagram to bring in $595 million this year, and surpass Google and Twitter in ad revenue by 2017. Bank of America Merrill Lynch researchers predict Instagram to make $1 billion in 2017, and escalate to nearly $4 billion by 2020.

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Tampa Bay Transformers Series is LIVE!

Thursday, 13 August 2015 Written by Published in Projects


TAMPA BAY – Alexandra Gamache interviewed the President of A Media Marketing, Victoria Jorgensen, about why she chose to create the Tampa Bay Transformers series.

“Why did you create the Tampa Bay Transformers (TBT) series?” - Alexandra Gamache (A.G.)

“I love where I live, I want to share all the positive changes locally and globally. Tampa Bay Transformers symbolizes an instrument of change and progress. TBT’s may also be perceived as, movers and shakers or innovators.” – Victoria Jorgensen (V.J.)

“Can you expand on TBT's 20/20 view of 2020?” - A.G.

“Tampa Bay is changing rapidly, physically, culturally, visually and financially. These peeks come straight from the mouths of those making the change, helping people plan for the future and making good decisions about where to work and play.” - V.J.

“Innovators become Tampa Bay Transformers by showing leadership, taking bold steps and changing the fabric of Tampa Bay. There will be several phases of Tampa Bay Transformers, as well as a series on TBT’s.” - V.J.

“What is most gratifying to you about this project?” - A.G.

“I get to watch some of the most talented leaders morph Tampa Bay into a respected city, a great place to live, work and play. I think positivity spawns positive action and I want to be a part of it.” - V.J.

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Live Video: The Future is Here

Wednesday, 17 June 2015 Written by Published in Projects

Live streaming video is taking over social media marketing in a big way. Apps such as Periscope offer viewers a real-world experience through the eyes of the videographer. Simply by pressing a button, video broadcasters can notify followers that they are live and carry viewers through a real-time adventure.

Millions of viewers have watched live video of protests in the Ukraine, gone on a hot air balloon ride through the mountains of Turkey, toured Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s operating room and witnessed their grandchildren’s first steps from hundreds of miles away. The creators of Periscope believe, “there is no better way to experience a place right now than through live video.”

The biggest draw to live streaming apps such as Periscope is the experience – the feeling the viewer gets from watching through the eye of the camera and being a part of the event. Through the app, people who are watching a live stream can comment and communicate with the videographer in real time. Periscope takes viewers from their living room couches to destinations around the world.

Periscope came to fruition in the summer of 2013. Co-founder Kayvon Beykpour came up with the idea when his trip to Istanbul was interrupted by violent protests. As Beykpour prepared for his travels, he researched the area that he would be residing in, but could not find any video to determine if it was safe for him to go.

After returning from his excursion, Beykpour and co-founder Joe Bernstein began to develop Periscope.

When users open the Periscope app, they will see a grid of live video broadcasts happening globally. The app also includes a timeline of past broadcasts, available for 24 hours from the time they were taken. As they watch live streams, viewers can not only comment, but “heart,” as well. “Hearts” are the equivalent to cheering the video broadcaster on as he or she performs.

Periscope was acquired by Twitter earlier this year for $100 million. With the partnership, Twitter can now suggest users for you to follow and automatically tweet whenever you start a new stream. When someone that you follow begins a new stream, you will receive a notification through the app. You can also invite some or all of your Twitter followers to watch your broadcast.

The Periscope app is still continuing to develop new functionalities as viewers continue to hop on the live streaming video bandwagon. Beykpour says his goal is for Periscope to be a separate entity under Twitter, and begin to build its own social media community.

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