Live Video: The Future is Here

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Live streaming video is taking over social media marketing in a big way. Apps such as Periscope offer viewers a real-world experience through the eyes of the videographer. Simply by pressing a button, video broadcasters can notify followers that they are live and carry viewers through a real-time adventure.

Millions of viewers have watched live video of protests in the Ukraine, gone on a hot air balloon ride through the mountains of Turkey, toured Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s operating room and witnessed their grandchildren’s first steps from hundreds of miles away. The creators of Periscope believe, “there is no better way to experience a place right now than through live video.”

The biggest draw to live streaming apps such as Periscope is the experience – the feeling the viewer gets from watching through the eye of the camera and being a part of the event. Through the app, people who are watching a live stream can comment and communicate with the videographer in real time. Periscope takes viewers from their living room couches to destinations around the world.

Periscope came to fruition in the summer of 2013. Co-founder Kayvon Beykpour came up with the idea when his trip to Istanbul was interrupted by violent protests. As Beykpour prepared for his travels, he researched the area that he would be residing in, but could not find any video to determine if it was safe for him to go.

After returning from his excursion, Beykpour and co-founder Joe Bernstein began to develop Periscope.

When users open the Periscope app, they will see a grid of live video broadcasts happening globally. The app also includes a timeline of past broadcasts, available for 24 hours from the time they were taken. As they watch live streams, viewers can not only comment, but “heart,” as well. “Hearts” are the equivalent to cheering the video broadcaster on as he or she performs.

Periscope was acquired by Twitter earlier this year for $100 million. With the partnership, Twitter can now suggest users for you to follow and automatically tweet whenever you start a new stream. When someone that you follow begins a new stream, you will receive a notification through the app. You can also invite some or all of your Twitter followers to watch your broadcast.

The Periscope app is still continuing to develop new functionalities as viewers continue to hop on the live streaming video bandwagon. Beykpour says his goal is for Periscope to be a separate entity under Twitter, and begin to build its own social media community.

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Facebook Update - Instant Articles

Tuesday, 26 May 2015 Written by Published in Projects

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Instant Articles is a new feature on Facebook that allows app users to read articles quickly and easily while scrolling through their newsfeeds.

Sixty percent of online traffic now comes from mobile devices, according to a study done by comScore. Since more and more smartphone users are consuming their news on mobile phones, Facebook’s aim is to make their experiences simpler and more enjoyable.

Prior to the release of Instant Articles, the average time it took for an article to load on the Facebook mobile app was eight seconds. This was by far the slowest type of content consumption on Facebook. With the introduction of Instant Articles, the experience is now ten times faster. 

The new feature also allows publishers to post articles more conveniently, while breathing new life into the reader’s experience.

Users can tilt their phone to zoom into high-resolution photos and watch videos play automatically in the newsfeed. Interactive maps add a new element of user activity, as well as audio captions and more “like” and “comment” options. These new items let publishers take control of their brand and monetization.

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Attention creatives and marketers that manage various Google+ accounts and YouTube channels!

The Google Channel Transfer Tool is your new best friend! Google released the Channel Transfer Tool that helps users match a YouTube channel with a different Google+ account. The integration of Google+ and YouTube was designed to help users control both of these accounts and their interactive communities.

Is your YouTube Channel connected to the wrong Google+ Business Page or Profile?
The owner of the YouTube channel has the permission for this process.

Take these Ninja Steps:

1. Login to the YouTube channel that you would like to connect to a new Google+.
2. Select your YouTube icon in the top right corner. Then select the gear symbol located in the top right-hand corner for ‘YouTube Settings.’
3. This will bring you to the Overview Page with your account information. Select ‘Advanced’ next to your Name and logo.
4. On the Advanced page select ‘Move channel to different Google+ Profile or Page’. YouTube will require you to re-enter your account password.
5. ‘Select Desired Page or Profile’ to see the list of available Google+ account options. YouTube only allows users to move channels to Google+ accounts that you own. For example, if the Google+ account is connected to a different email address then it will not appear in your list of available Google+ account options. 
6. Select the ‘New Google+ Account’ to connect to your YouTube channel and select ‘Move Channel’. 
7. This process will move over your YouTube account’s videos, playlist settings, subscriber base, subscriptions and Channel username.


Are there any items that will not transfer over? 
Comments and messages that originate from Google+ will stay with the original profile or page. Any private messages or comments posted after November 2013, and custom URL and channel icon created after November 2014.

How do I get a custom YouTube Channel?
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Let the transferring begin!

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