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Wednesday, 03 May 2017 Written by Published in Projects

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On August 6th, 1991, the World Wide Web was launched to the public. A year BEFORE the public even got to explore this new virtual world, “Digital Marketing” had already been termed, and soon after in 1993, the first clickable web-ad banner made its appearance.  Now today, with over 3.7 BILLION people using the internet, Digital Marketing is changing not only how companies sell us products, but also:

  • how we form opinions,
  • how we shop,
  • what we like,
  • our experience expectations, and
  • to whom we are loyal.

Sixteen years ago, when Leslie Laney began her journey in marketing for a Fortune 100 Company, she took on digital marketing organically.  Her willingness to learn and absorb the latest technology made her a natural for the industry. Like many starting at the forefront of new innovations, there were no formal college courses to take, but there were networking forums and emerging experts to emulate.
Early on, under the tutelage of Alan Atkisson, one of the world’s leading sustainability experts, Leslie mastered the principles of strategic planning and the concepts surrounding digital analytics, systems thinking, trending, digital innovation and marketing acumen.  “I believe the key to my success is I am constantly searching for positive mentors,” said Laney, President and CEO of A Marketing Media.  “I do it for my business and in my personal life.  I know when someone is bringing positive energy and wisdom to my life. I, in turn, can pay it forward to my clients and partners.”   
Leslie went on to say that Digital Marketing requires a daily investment.  To be successful, digital marketers and their clients must:

  • stay on top of the trends,
  • be alert of the changes in technology, and
  • adapt to the changes in consumer attitude.

These points all require listening to reputable industry contributors, performing analytics, and participating in well-thought-of experiences, whether it’s a course, a webinar, a forum, or other valuable resource.   “Even if it’s simply one article per day, that new piece of information can change everything for your clients,” Leslie emphasized. “There is no way to predict what the future holds at the pace things are progressing so it’s critical to be disciplined and stay engaged.”
Over the past six years, the skills that Leslie has mastered have been used to elevate not only her clients and their businesses, but also local influencers.  By interweaving the human fundamentals of connection with the lightning speed of social channels, Leslie hopes to inspire other Digital Marketers. Her drive is to bring a genuine, enriched experience while giving voice to the people with whom we are trying to effectively communicate.  Leslie routinely offers training to her clients and to the public on a variety of social media aspects, and promotes “Tampa Bay Transformers” as a link to the influencers in her area.

Learn about “Tampa Bay Transformers”:
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Learn about AMM’s Strategic Planning Consultation:
View an infographic of the History and Evolution of Digital Marketing:
Learn more about Alan Atkisson:

The Best 3 Minute Fudge Sauce Recipe!

Wednesday, 11 January 2017 Written by Published in Projects

best 3 min fudge sauce

The Best 3 Minute Fudge Sauce Recipe!

"This is a family favorite. When I was a kid my mom would buy a store made Angel Food cake and serve big fat slices of it for dessert with this fudge sauce on the side - it’s so good you’ll want to lick your plate clean. Fabulous on ice cream and especially banana splits! It’s decadent, delicious and goes fast! If you have any leftover (not usually the case in my house) it’s even amazing cold. Try it by the spoonful when the kids are asleep!"
- Beth Foreman aka A Media Marketing's Data Ninja!


  • 1/4 cup margarine
  • 1 square chocolate (or 3 tbsp cocoa)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • dash of salt


  • Boil for 1 minute at full boil
  • Cool
  • Makes enough for 4-6 dishes of ice cream

The AMM Team LOVES the Fudge Sauce samples!

leslie fudge sauce

alex fudge sauce

Devour your delicious Fudge Sauce over angel food cake, ice cream and whatever you choose!

More Ninja Recipes are coming soon...

4 Tips On Expert Videography!

Tuesday, 10 January 2017 Written by Published in Projects

amm video tips

4 Tips On Expert Videography:

1. Rule of Thirds
Imagine that your video screen is dived by 4 gridlines into 9 equal pieces. Line up your important visual elements on the lines or where the lines intersect for a better composition. Enable the camera grid on your phone to help you use the rule of thirds, also you want to have little headspace above your subject.

2. Mix Up Your Shots
Use a mixture of shots to keep your audience’s attention. Mix it up with wide shots, close ups, still shots – once you master these three then try some moving shots (pans, tilts and zooms). The more experience you gain the smoother it will become for you. Take different shots of what you’re talking about to mix it up. Move back and forth between your face and the subject that your discussing.

3. Shoot Horizontally
Make sure that your camera is set to shoot horizontally and focus the camera where your face is going to be (lock the focus on that spot). Hit record when you’re ready to roll.

4. Video Editing
Use your preferred video editing program – add a beginning and end, text, lower thirds, transitions, music and voice over if needed. We recommend using iMovie on your iPhone!

Do you want to learn more about how to make videos? Or are you interested in having A Media Marketing create custom videos for your business? Call our team of video experts today to begin at 813-933-2788.

Enjoy our excellent video samples for: Web Video, Video Testimonials, Video Blogs and 2D Animation!

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