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4 Tips On Expert Videography:

1. Rule of Thirds
Imagine that your video screen is dived by 4 gridlines into 9 equal pieces. Line up your important visual elements on the lines or where the lines intersect for a better composition. Enable the camera grid on your phone to help you use the rule of thirds, also you want to have little headspace above your subject.

2. Mix Up Your Shots
Use a mixture of shots to keep your audience’s attention. Mix it up with wide shots, close ups, still shots – once you master these three then try some moving shots (pans, tilts and zooms). The more experience you gain the smoother it will become for you. Take different shots of what you’re talking about to mix it up. Move back and forth between your face and the subject that your discussing.

3. Shoot Horizontally
Make sure that your camera is set to shoot horizontally and focus the camera where your face is going to be (lock the focus on that spot). Hit record when you’re ready to roll.

4. Video Editing
Use your preferred video editing program – add a beginning and end, text, lower thirds, transitions, music and voice over if needed. We recommend using iMovie on your iPhone!

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