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Facebook is one of the best platforms for business owners and brands to connect and reach their target audience. Video ads on Facebook are a very powerful and beneficial tool for increasing user engagement. Make an impact on your audience with these tips for better video ads on Facebook.

Make A Lasting First Impression!
Take a moment to think about how many posts the average Facebook user sees in their newsfeed. There’s not enough time to read and pay attention to every post. Facebook users actively scan their newsfeeds and make quick decisions about what posts they pay attention to.

Successful Facebook video ads have to catch the user’s attention in two to three seconds and have a short duration, usually thirty seconds or less. When video ads fail to catch the correct attention, they result in low engagement rates and little to no outcomes. Take a look at how your Facebook video ads are performing and analyze your audience retention to see what is working best for you. If you’re audience’s organic retention is dropping after the first couple seconds of watching the video, then you need to change your video ad algorithm.

What are some of the most common causes of low audience retention for Facebook video ads?
• Long introductions or any introduction
• Too many logos and credits at the beginning
• Cramming too much information in one video
• Lack of entertaining visuals and music
• Talking heads without context
• Poorly made video How To Improve Your Facebook Video Ads:
• Make the biggest impact on your audience in the first few seconds
• Engage your audience and make them curious about what comes next in your video
• Multiple videos in one series, keep your audiences’ attention with cliffhangers at the end of the videos!
• Prompt your audience to watch more videos on your website
• Deliver your message as quickly and best as possible

Eye-catching Thumbnails Increase Views
Take the time and go through the selection of video thumbnails that Facebook gives you to choose from. If you aren’t finding the exact visual your looking for, upload a custom thumbnail. The less text on your thumbnail the higher priority Facebook will give your video ad. Even though Facebook removed the 20% text limit for images, they still prefer and favor images with less text for thumbnails and posts.

Create Custom Video Audiences
Strengthen your Facebook video ads by creating custom video audiences. Facebook has updated the option to create custom audiences from video based on how long they’ve watched your previous videos: 5 seconds watched, 50% watched, 90% watched, etc. Combine audience engagement for multiple videos to result in a more effective custom audience and create effective lookalike audiences. Analyze your custom audience and learn more about the users who are engaging with your content with Facebook Audience Insights.

Maximize Your Video Views
Once you start to build your Facebook campaign, you’ll have an option to choose an objective to maximize your delivery. Select whether you want to run your Facebook video ad to generate more conversions, drive traffic, increase post engagement, improve reach or maximize video views. We recommend setting the Video Views as the ad objective for the most successful results. Is your campaign objective set to generate clicks and conversions? If it is Facebook shows the ad to users who have a higher chance of clicking the link. Sometimes this results in a lower video retention because the audience isn’t watching the full video before they click the link. 

Carousel Ads and Video Options
Are you trying to drive your audience to an external website? Videos catch attention and strengthen your link or carousel ads. Amplify your message with video and cover more information than just a plain old static image. Take it up another notch by customizing your video’s headline, link description, call-to-action buttons, etc. You can even use multiple videos in a carousel ad and really engage your audience.

Don’t forget, keep your videos short!
Remember, the attention span of the average user is shorter than a goldfish, who are believed to have an attention span of nine seconds! Make short high quality videos to convey your messages and use them as attention grabbers and grow your brand’s recognition. Start using videos on lead generation campaigns to really maximize results!

Target Mobile Devices Connected To WiFi
Many users have deactivated the Facebook auto play option to save data on the mobile plans. If they haven’t deactivated it and aren’t connected to WiFi, then the video may perform slowly or stop working which can hurt your video’s impression and drive your audience away. Don’t pay for impressions if they are going to possibly be a waste of time and money, especially if your audience can’t enjoy watching your video ads on WiFi. Select the placement at the Ad Set level of your campaign to adjust the Facebook settings.

High Quality Video Content
Once you’ve mastered how to get the most out of your Facebook video ads, you now have to start making high quality videos! Your audience is going to decide whether they trust you and want to do business with you through your videos. High quality video content makes a lasting impression, keeps your growing audience engaged and continues to promote your business.

Are you among the majority of business owners who don’t have the time, equipment and expertise to create your own videos?

Call A Media Marketing’s team of video experts for custom video options and pricing today at 813-933-2788.
We specialize in creating high quality videos at various levels of production including: broadcast commercials, web commercials, video blogs, testimonials and our very popular niche, 2D whiteboard animation videos. Check out our A Media Marketing YouTube channel for even more samples!

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