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Do you actively publish content on Facebook or are thinking about it?

Facebook recently released a new publishing tool called Facebook Instant Articles on April 12th, 2016.

Here’s the how to guide on Facebook Instant Articles and tips on how to make impressions in the Facebook Newsfeed.

Step 1: Begin by Signing Up for Facebook Instant Articles and select your page from the available list of pages that you access. After you select the page that you want to submit for Facebook Instant Articles, make sure to checkmark the box below to agree to the Instant Articles Terms. Then click the “Enable Instant Articles” button. At this time if you haven’t already, we highly recommend that you read over the Documentation Facebook Links to learn more before accessing the Instant Article tools.

Step 2: Now that Instant Articles are enabled, you can begin to check out the Instant Articles configuration options. You can now access the Instant Articles menu option in your Facebook setting’s sidebar on the left side. Select the Instant Articles menu option for the Quick Start Guide to begin the initial setup for your Instant Articles. Scroll down and you’ll have access to the content submission and review tools for your Facebook Instant Articles.

Step 3: The option to claim your URL is available during the first step for setting up Instant Articles. If you have any questions or want to learn more details read Claiming Your URL. After you’ve decided which URL you’re going to claim, enter the provided code and add the URL into your tools. Look for a confirmation message after this step is complete, you now have the ability to add URLs when necessary.

Step 4: It’s time to configure your RSS feed. It will give you the option to use your production feed (the main RSS feed) or developmental RSS feed. What are the differences? Find out here. 

Step 5: There is an available plugin for self-hosted WordPress users that optimizes your content and RSS feed for Facebook Instant Articles. Use the self-hosted WordPress and Facebook plugin or PageFrog plugin that features optimization for Google AMP. Hosted platform users who are blogging on Medium, Tumblr and will have to wait for the platforms to optimize for Facebook’s new Instant Articles.

Step 6: Continue to follow the Instant Articles steps to configure and monetize your settings. Explore the Instant Article steps and dive into the options:

  • Brand your article styles
  • Set up email alerts
  • Double check for errors with publishing tools
  • Preview your articles on the Facebook Pages App
  • Submit articles (you must submit 10 articles for your first submission) for review and more!

A Media Marketing will continue to keep you in the loop about Facebook Instant Articles news and updates!

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