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Have you heard of the expressions, “dress to impress?” or “looking good is feeling good?”

Similar mantras apply to what you wear when you’re on camera! The viewers’ personal insight, decisions and opinions, are all affected positively or negatively by what the subject is wearing and how they are presenting themselves.

For instance, if a subject is presentable, professional, courteous and well spoken, then viewers will have an easier time trusting that person’s credibility and believing what they say.

Take extra time when you’re deciding what to wear before you’re on camera and take advantage of these helpful tips! Wear something that compliments you, represents your business and makes you feel good. Make sure to take your audience and the camera into account when you’re making your wardrobe decisions.

Camera Wardrobe Tips For Women:

If you’ve decided to wear a dress or skirt, double check the length when you sit down and make sure it’s camera appropriate. Interviews are shot either sitting or standing, depending on the subject and location, so it’s better to be prepared and comfortable. Be careful and avoid anything that is too revealing or low cut so the viewers are not distracted or receiving the wrong message.

Try out your desired wardrobe in front of a mirror at home, practice sitting and standing to make sure you’re comfortable and are happy with your choices. Remember, videos are timeless in the sense that they can be viewed for years to come. Don’t wear anything that is too “seasonal” or “distracting.” Select a wardrobe that reflects your personality and business – something classic and memorable.

Camera Wardrobe Tips For Men:

You’re decisions might involve deciding between a nice suit, blazer or dress shirt with business slacks. Select an outfit that represents you, your confidence and business. Wear well-fitted clothes (not loose) for a better appearance. If you decide to wear a suit, make sure it compliments you and is comfortable while standing or sitting – practice in front of a mirror first! 

Having trouble making up your mind? Try out a couple different outfits and see which one you want to represent your business all year long. Videos don’t change with the seasons, so make sure to avoid any sweaters or scarfs. Wear something that is traditional yet definitive and make an impression that will last.

Do Not Wear These Colors Or Patterns!

White – you don’t want to glow or look washed out!

Black – can have a harsh effect on a subject’s face or cause the background to blend with the subject.

Green – in case your shoot is in front of a green screen – you don’t want to disappear! Also avoid anything with stripes, pinstripes, plaid, polka dots or busy patterns when dealing with green screen video shoots.

Don’t distract your audience with small patterns, designs and stripes that can also confuse the camera!

Colors & Patterns To Wear!

Your clothing’s color and pattern choice will depend on your preference! Try to choose colors that compliment your skin tone and business. Solid colors and simple patterns work best on camera. We recommend colors that include: natural tones, beige, tan, blue, purple, grey, darker red like maroon or burgundy, even pastels are an option.

Final Tips On What To Wear!

Remember to choose an outfit that is breathable and lightweight. Prepare your wardrobe for professional studio lights and keep yourself comfortable. If you wear jewelry, choose pieces that are simple and quiet, and do not distract or interfere with your video. If you wear make-up, prep yourself before the shoot and bring your make-up with you for some quick touch-ups before you’re on camera.

Stay conservative and confident while you’re on camera and represent your business through your professional appearance. If you wear glasses, try to wear contact lenses or a glare proof lens if possible to avoid reflections. Don’t forget to iron out any wrinkles in your clothes and bring a lint brush just in case!

We hope that these tips help you decide what to wear when you’re on camera!

Please call our friendly staff at 813-933-2788, to discuss video options that suit your budget and compliment your business!


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