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Saxon Andrew case study - Facebook Advertising Campaign



Saxon Andrew is the author of many popular science fiction series offered in e-book format. He publishes his books on Amazon and has an active international following.



Saxon was looking for ways to increase his online exposure and sales of his e-books. With the ever changing way that Amazon reshapes the way authors are listed and book rankings, it is a constant struggle for independent writers to rank among the best sellers and be easily found in the correct genre. Saxon Andrew had a Facebook page with 106 Fans and had little engagement. Due to this, he was reluctant to invest money into social ads to increase his audience and reach, but Saxon’s wife attended one of A Media Marketing’s social media training courses and convinced him to give it a shot.



A Media Marketing met with Saxon and his wife Lou Ann to discuss options and expectations of running a Facebook Ad Campaign. We typically suggest a long term campaign, as social media is a communication tool and it should be used as such. One should build relationships using social media versus using it as a sales tool. Since Saxon had reservations about Facebook, we agreed to do a condensed “trail” campaign of 90 days. We targeted his ideal reader based on demographics, interests and location. We ran various 30 day ad campaigns and the results were amazing!



The Ad Campaigns ran during the months of December, January and February. The fan count on his page increased over 90%! Not only did the fan count increase but so did the daily sales figures for his books. A normal sales bump over the holidays was expected, however, his sales stayed at more than double his normal rate throughout January & February! Needless to say Saxon is now a believer in the power of social media and Ad Campaigns. His page currently has over 6,100 Fans!

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